Market sectors

Sand casting is ideal for the production of workpieces that are impossible to manufacture by other systems, such as large sized parts or the casting of small series or individual pieces. That is why we cover a wide range of market sectors.

In recent years, 70% of our production has been directed to the Automotive Industry, but we manufacture workpieces for market sectors as diverse as the Heavy Machinery Industry, Food Industry, Naval and Aeronautical Industries, Toy Industry, Lighting and Urban Furniture, and Furnishing Industry. We have even made several projects of artistic foundry.


We manufacture all types of dies and moulds for the automotive sector, whether in aluminum or zamak. .

Moulds for filling up seats with foam.

Moulds for stamping plates

Molds for thermoforming.


We cast pieces for all types of industrial machinery.

Press moulds.

Pieces for machinery in the food industry.

Checking fixtures.